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Shelley China Dainty Blue Rock Cup and Plate Snack Set Buffet Tennis Tea And Toast England

Shelley China

  • $ 12800

This is a Shelley China, England Dainty Blue Rock tea cup and plate, snack set, tennis set, buffet set, tea and toast or tea and cake in pattern # 13591 with pale blue trim made 1940-1966.

The bone china cup 2.5 inches high plate 7.25 inches square.

The set is unusual as the square plate is less common and seen less frequently than the oval or round shaped plates with the cup.

Both bone china cup and plate are in very good ++ used vintage condition with no chips, cracks or wear. There is a slight glaze inconsistency...a slight shine difference...about the size of a quarter, but I think it is just a manufacturing anomaly, and is not noticeable unless you look for it.

A beautiful example of the superior workmanship Shelley is famous for.

And perfect for tea party, buffet or garden party.

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