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Black Glass French Jet Beaded Dress Ornament 1890-1910 Mourning Victorian Edwardian

English vintage

  • $ 1800

This is an antique Victorian or Edwardian era black millinery or clothing ornament made of black glass or French Jet.

The trim was made in England 1890-1910 and consists of various faceted pieces attached to a wire base that has 2 wire hoops so it can be sewn onto a garment or hat.

The millinery hat or dress ornament measures approximately 3 inches in diameter, but the wire has some flexibility and and the shape can alter to a bit of an oval.

The ornament, which is possibly a mourning embellishment, is in very good +++ used antique condition.

None of the existing pieces are cracked or chipped.

Because of the black, this may be from a mourning outfit, as the Victorian costume of a year in black clothing was popularized by Queen Victoria after loving her beloved Prince Albert in 1861, and never leaving off her black mourning clothes until her death in 1901.

The piece would be great for study, a costume for theatricals or re enactment, or to take apart and repurpose.

These old trims are so cool and hard to find.

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