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Antique Lace Collar Tape Lace Bobbin Lace Flemish 1900 Hand Made White Lace

artisan hand made

  • $ 12800

This is a gorgeous antique handmade bobbin lace collar dress embellishment in white Belgium or Flemish hand made lace that was removed at some time from a dress neckline judging from the top edge in 1900-1910.

The gorgeous lace collar measures 5 inches from centerpoint tip to tip; 11 inches deep.

Other than evidence of having been removed from a neckline, the lace collar excellent antique used condition with no holes or broken stitches seen.

Gorgeous hand made lace like this was often part of a trousseau and handed done through the generations, and hence, from clothing item to clothing item.


Perfect for the front of a wedding gown or other formal occasion, or other special bridal outfit, or Victorian re-enacters for Edwardian, Regency or Victorian costumes, an elegant gown or theatrical production.

Perfect for a Downton Abbey tea!

I had a few, and the last went to a National opera company for a costume the heroine of the production.

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