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World War 2 A A F Sweetheart Purple Handkerchief 1940-1945 Air Force Wife Love Token

American vintage

  • $ 1800

This is a vintage World War 2 love token purple embroidered hankie or handkerchief made to be given to the wife of a member of the American Air Force.

The home front sweetheart wife handkerchief is made of rayon, as silk was not available as needed for parachutes, measures 9 inches square, and has machine embroidering of Wife, the Air Force symbol and A.A.F. and a machine embroidered scallop and bird's eye border.

The hankie is in very good +++ used vintage condition with one little black mark about 1/2 of an inch that looks like ink or perhaps mascara from a tear shed by the wife of a brave soldier.

A lovely and nostalgic wartime homefront sweetheart love token accessory. 


type:  hankie, hanky, handkerchief

date:  1940-1945

country:  United States

material:  rayon

color:  purple/gold/red/white

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