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Tea Cozy Fancy Renaissance Floral Purple Gold USA Handmade Cosy

artisan hand made

  • $ 000

This is a gorgeous hand made padded tea cozy or tea cosy with a Renaissance floral pattern on black with lots of gold accents with a coordinating purple lining with gold pattern.  

The pretty USA tea cozy or cosy was made by a tea friend in Oregone who used to make them under her business Marmaladys, but has decided to no longer make them.

The gorgeous tea cosy ot teapot warmer measures 8 inches high by 10.5 inches wide ungathered and is closed with a green gros grain ribbon to tie the cozy over the teapot.

The tea cosy or cozy has 3 openings, one for the spout, one for the handle and the top for the lid with a gathered bottom that will either fit around the base of the teapot or serve as a surface protection for the table.  

The tea cozy is large and would fit a large 4 to 6 cup teapot and is in excellent condition with no flaws.

Keep the teapot warm while adding a shot of gorgeous color and elegance to you tea table with a piece of tea time art work that is one of a kind.