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Strawberry Fayre Teapot English Leonardo 4-6 Cups New 40 Ounces Gift Box

China, vintage

  • $ 000

This is a large Leonardo, England Strawberry Fayre theme teapot, new in it's gift box with sticker.

The large Strawberry themed teapot holds 6 cups or 40 ounces and has gold writing, accents and trim.

The teapot was made in China for Leonardo, UK by Lesser & Pavey and measures 6 inches high to the lid finial or 4.75 inches high to the teapot top by 9 inches long by 5.5 in diameter and holds 40 ounces.

The tea pot is new, and therefor in excellent, mint condition with no chips, cracks or gold wear. A lovely pattern for dispensing tea at your next tea party.

MPN: LP92928