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Sterling Silver Seattle WA Souvenir Spoon 1930s Chief Seattle Fancy Engraved

American vintage

  • $ 000

This is an antique 1930s Seattle, Washington sterling silver souvenir spoon depicting a portrait of Chief Seattle on the handle finial with one of the best hand engraved bowls I have ever had.

The spoon was made in the 1930s by Harry Iskin, Chicogo Ill., USA.

The spoon measures 4 inches long and the fabulously hand engraved bowl is of Mount Rainier, 14,444 Seattle.

The spoon is in very good +++ used vintage condition. The bowl of the spoon was originally gold washed, but very little remains.


type: souvenir spoon, Seattle Washington souvenir spoon, sterling silver teaspoon, antique silver souvenir spoon

manufacturer: Harry Iskin, Chicogo Ill.

country: USA

date: 1930s

material: sterling silver

size: 4 inches long

color: silver

weight:  9 grams sterling silver