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Spoon Sterling Silver Utah Souvenir Spoon 1900 Brigham Young Moroni Pavilion

American vintage

  • $ 000

This is an antique sterling silver souvenir spoon for Utah state with a high relief handle and engraved bowl made by E. L. Deacon Jewelry Co. Colorado.

The spoon was made in the 1900-1910 and has a designs on both side of the handle the state Beehive seal, Brigham Young, angel Moroni, cattle raising, plowing and mining with an embossed bowl featuring Saltaire Beach And Pavilion, Great Salt Lake, Utah and the pavilion.

The spoon is 5.25 inches long and in nearly mint condition.

Really ornate and beautiful. A miniature historical lecture in silver!


type: souvenir spoon, Utah souvenir spoon, sterling silver tea spoon, antique silver souvenir spoon, Mormon souvenir spoon

manufacturer: E. L. Deacon Jewelry Co
country: USA

date: 1900-1910

material: sterling silver

size: 5.25 inches long

color: silver

17 grams of sterling silver

excellent used vintage condition