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Spoon Handle Key Ring Upcycled Oneida Silver Vintage 1930s Spoon Silver Plate

American, vintage

  • $ 000

This is an upcycled key ring with the fob made from the handle of a vintage silver plated spoon.

The key ring measures over all 3.5 inches long with the silver handle fob measuring 5 inches long.

The handle has a  classic design embossed on both sides with a central design like a chandelier and a border design sort of like arabesques and husk flowers.

The makers mark is for the Onieda Silver Company, USA, dates to the 1920-1930s, but I don't know the pattern.

The key ring itself is new, and the key fob and ring was made in the 1980s by a local artisan.

The handle shows wear from when it was used, but no plating loss.

A fun and very decorative way to recycle an item into a pretty utilitarian accessory.

I've used one for years...I love them.