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Rolls Royce Like Radiator Teapot Black And Silver Morten Prestige 1980s UK Auto Grille Teapot

English vintage

  • $ 6800

 This is the coolest figural teapot in the shape of a Rolls Royce radiator or grille with mascot made in the UK in the 1980s in black and metallic silver and signed by the artist J G Morten. 

The design was registered in 1978 and the teapot was produced in England in the 1980s, where I found it.

The porcelain teapot measures 9 inches high by 10 inches long by 3 inches wide and the design is called Prestige. The radiator has a silver bird hood ornament mascot to complete the design. 

The teapot was featured as the May 2015 pin-up teapot in the 2015 The Collectible Teapot & Tea Wall Calendar by Annabel Freyberg.

Perfect for a posh tea time with a touch of humor!