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Purple Aqua Teapots Teacups Padded Potholders Pair of Hand Made Support Animal Charity

artisan hand made

  • $ 000

This is a pair of 2 new, hand made quilted and padded pot holders in a purple and aqua or turquoise teacups and teapot themed thick fabric with a purple, lavender,turquoise and mauve striped binding and hanging loops.

 The 2 potholders are made by volunteers of donated fabric and are a year-round fund raiser for our local No Kill animal shelter, Peninsula Friends Of Animals.

 The pot holders measure approximately 8.5 inches square, and are pieced and quilted, lined with insulation and have a special heat diffusing multi layer sewn and cut fabric backing. Ingenious, and they really work well. I have been using them myself since discovering both the pot holders and the animal charity about 10 years ago.

 They make tea themed pot holders especially for me to have available here on Antiques And Teacups.

 Your purchase of these goes back to the charity, so...thanks so much for helping me to support them and make these available to a wider audience than our local community!