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Postcard Blessings Bright Christmas Day Illuminated Manuscript 1909 Mass USA

American vintage

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This is an antique divided back postcard with a poem written like an illuminated manuscript with embossing and gold accents.

The poem reads " Blessings Bright as dew from heaven fall upon your way, Life's best gifts be you given, this glad Christmas Day.

The card is signed in pencil on the bottom of the front From Clara.

The postcard is canceled and postmarked for Foxboro, Mass Dec. 23, 1909 to Mrs. Eugene Weeks, Hopedale, Mass.

The postcard is in very good used condition with some slight corner stubbing ans mild discoloration.

The postcard was at some time in an album and has the corner shadows left from non acid free corners. In an archival sleeve.


original not reproduction

type: antique postcard, postcard greetings, holiday card, ephemera

date: 1909

country:  USA

size: approximately 3.5 inches by 5.5 inches

material: cardstock, archival envelope

occasion:  Christmas, holiday