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Pair Toothpick Holders Miniature Toby Character Jugs 1910s Japan Dining Gadget

Japan, vintage

  • $ 1800

This is a pair of antique ceramic miniature toby jugs or character jugs made 1910-1920s.

One of the miniature toby jugs was made in England but one is marked Foreign, which means it was made elsewhere for sale in England, probably in Japan.

The mini character jugs, which are also sometimes used as eggcups or toothpick holders, measure 1.75 inches high by 2 inches long by 1.75 wide and are hand painted.

The English made toby is in very good used vintage condition with no chips or cracks, but...

The one marked Foreign has a manufacturing flaw: there is a firing hairline inside that does not go through under the glaze, and there is are blue ink spots under glaze on the bottom of the jug.

But a fun and very collectible set of character jugs, toothpick holders or egg cups with character.