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Nut Meat Chopper Original Orange Paint Hazel Atlas Glass Bottom 1930s Metal Top

American vintage

  • $ 000

This is a vintage 1930-1940s Nut Meat Chopper or nut chopper with a nickled top, metal times, a metal lid with vestiges of the original orange paint and a Hazel Atlas original glass jar.

The nut chopper vintage kitchen gadget carries the patent number for 1931 patented by the Sundstrom Company, USA. 

The original clear glass jar was made by Hazel Atlas, USA and is marked number 5935, and 5. The wood handle has the vestiges of red or orange paint as well.

The nut chopper measures 6.5 inches high and the jar is 3.5 inches in diameter.

There are no chips or cracks, not missing tines, and the handle and mechanism still work well. The is however a fabulous patina of age due to worn nickel plating and paint lose So cool!