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Nut Grater Original Red Paint Glass Bottom 1950s Metal Tines Retro Cheese Grater

American vintage

  • $ 1800

This is a 1950s red painted nut grater or cheese grater with a metal tine grating key turn mechanism and a glass bottle.

The red paint is mostly intact and is a darker red than the photos show.

The paint is worn off the rim of the lid. The cheese or nut grater is in working order. You put the cheese chunks or nuts in the glass bottle then turn upside down and turn the key to grate onto whatever you are adding the nuts or cheese to.

The nut grater measures 6 inches high by 3.5 inches in diameter.

The only marks are an A in a circle with an underline and the numeral 2 in one place and 37 under the lid on the glass threads. I haven't figured out the maker.

A cool 1950s kitchen gadget that still works perfectly!