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Linen Kitchen Prayer Long Calendar Towel 1978 Mid Century Colors Retro Kitchen Decor

English vintage

  • $ 000

This is a vintage retro, mid century modern printed linen calendar tea towel for 1978. I brought this vintage linen souvenir tea towel or calendar towel for 1978 home from England recently. It doesn't have a maker's mark so I don't know where it was made but I assume England.

The tea towel, calendar towel dish towel was made in 1978 has a kitchen prayer and neat graphics of flowers and fruit in retro colors and is in very good +++ used vintage condition. Fun!

type: calendar towel, tea towel, retro calendar towel, vintage dish towel, 1978 linen calendar towel

size: 25 inches by 8 inches wide

design: mid century modern, retro

color: beige/red/green/purple/brown

very good +++ used vintage condition with no holes, mends or spots