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Limoges Open Salt White And Gold Signed Antique Tressemennes and Vogt 1911

T & V, Tressamanes & Vogt, Limoges France

  • $ 1600

This is a T&V or Tressemennes and Vogt, Limoges France open salt, salt dip or salt cellar signed M.H.R 1911 in gold.

The fine porcelain open salt or salt dish.75 of an inch high by measures 2 inches in diameter with a burnished high carat gold rim and 3 ball feet.

The T&V Limoges mark was used from 1892-1912 but I have been unable to locate the decorator's name during that time at the pottery as the records are not complete.  

The open salt or salt dip, which makes a wonderful teabag caddy now, is in excellent condition with no chips or cracks. So elegant!