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Kingsway Tea Room Tea Strainer Teapot Handles Over The Cup Strainer With Drip Cup

Metropolitan Tea

  • $ 1200

This is a 2 piece two handled tea strainer and drip cup made to go over a teacup to strain out the leaves as loose tea is poured from the teapot.

The handles are in the shape of teapots cut out to say TEA.

The cup is mesh, and the tea strainer is called the Kingsway Tea Room Tea Strainer. The tea strainer measures 5.25 inches long and the mesh basket strainer measures 2.5 inches in diameter.   

The stainless steel tea strainer is in excellent condition in unopened box.

Useful gadget and a very fun accessory for the perfect cup of tea! Great as a hostess gift or tea party favor too!

MPN: 1177

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