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Imari Gaudy English Pitcher Staffordshire Jug Victorian Gaudy Welsh 1870-1890s

Antique Staffordshire, England

  • $ 8800

This is an antique Victorian pitcher or hot water jug made by Samuel Johnson Britannia Pottery, England around 1870-1890s in the design style called Victorian Imari or Gaudy English.

The all hand decorated or hand painted Imari water jug or pitcher is 7 inches high with a hand made, hand hammered hammered copper lid.

The water pitcher has cobalt blue medallions and trim and intricate hand painted gold patterns above the half reeded bottom of the jug with further gold trim.

The pitcher or jug has a hammered copper lid that fits into a slot and hole either side of the top with pins.

The jug is in very good ++ used vintage condition except for an old hairline in the top,  cobalt glaze run underglaze done at the time of manufacture and gold trim wear from use.

Imari was popularized by the Victorian craze for Japanese colors and designs at the time and hot water jugs, once an essential of any tea set, are used as drink pitchers or teapots.

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