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Gorham Sterling Silver Teapot Spout Tea Strainer Basket Pouch 1890s Tea Leaf Catcher

Gorham Silver Company USA

  • $ 000

 This is a hard-to-find Gorham, USA sterling silver pivoting tea strainer basket with prongs that fit into the teapot spout and swivel below the spout to strain out the leaves as loose tea is poured from the teapot that is rarely seen in a pretty pouch shape.

The wonderful pivoting tea strainer teapot spout basket dates to 1890-1910 and features a ruffled top and floral engraving on the outside of the round pouch or basket.

The elegant tea gadget or accessory measures over all 5 inch high including the prongs that secure it in the teapot spout.

The basket and handle measure 2.5 inches long, and the basket itself measures 1.5 inches high by 2 inches in diameter, and the prongs which support it in the spout are 2 inches long.

It is in wonderful used vintage condition with no dents or damage.

Perfect for an Edwardian, Victorian or anytime tea party or afternoon tea.

The piece weighs 25.2 grams of sterling silver.

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