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German Embroidered Black Work Tea Towel Over Towel Hand Made 1910

European, Continental, vintage

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 A tea towel that is bit different... this is a hand made, hand embroidered Edwardian German "Overtowel" or "Show Towel". Now, you probably haven't heard of these, but I grew up with a German neighbor who had these from her ancestors, so when I saw one in an English antiques fair I knew what it was!

 This was used by house proud German house fraus to hide the everyday dish cloths when company came. This towel was like a tea towel used for best.

This very finely done black straight running stitch and cross stitched towel has a crinoline lady design and is finished with a silk figured ribbon with animals and measures 42 inches by 17.5 inches and dates from 1900-1920.

The towel is in very good +++ used vintage condition with no stains or repairs.

They were also used as dish towels as well.


type: antique towel, overtowel, black work, German over towel

date: 1900-1920

country: Germany

size: 42 inches by 17.5 inches

material: linen, silk ribbon, embroidery thread

color: white/black