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Fancy Bristol Colorado Sterling Silver Souvenir Spoon 1890s Fully Embossed Engraved Bowl

American vintage

  • $ 3800

This is an antique sterling silver 1890s Bristol, Colorado souvenir spoon made by Watson Manufacturing Silver Company, Attleboro Massachusetts, USA. The fancy sterling silver state spoon measures 5 inches long and is a Victorian tour de force of silver decorating techniques, including a Gothic script hand engraved spoon bowl. The sterling silver souvenir spoon is in excellent used vintage condition and is a great commemorative spoon. The spoon weighs 16.5 grams of sterling silver.


type: souvenir spoon, Bristol, Colorado souvenir spoon, sterling silver tea spoon,antique silver souvenir spoon

manufacturer: Watson Manufacturing Silver Company

country: USA

date: 1890s

material: sterling silver

size: 5 inches long

color: silver

16.5 grams of sterling silver

excellent used vintage condition

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