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English Ironstone Bone Dish Crescent Roses Antique 1890-1910 Edwardian Victorian

English vintage

  • $ 1600

This is an antique late Victorian ironstone crescent bone dish with a pattern of roses and hand painted gold accents.

The crescent dish or bone dish measures .75 inch high by 7 inches long by 3 inches wide and is in very good +++ condition with no chips or cracks and.

Crescent dishes were developed by the Victorians to sit by the dinner plate and collect the bones of the meal.

They are used now for salads, sauces, sushi at the dinner table, lemon, cream and jam on a tea table.

I keep my glasses in one at night by the bedside, and included a photo of that.

I also use one on my desk for paper clips. The desk doesn't have to be boring!