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Embroidered Tablecloth Daffodils 36 Inch Square 4 Napkins 1960s Bridge Cloth Card Table

artisan hand made

  • $ 3800

This is a vintage hand embroidered tablecloth, table topper, bridge tablecloth or tea cloth made 1960s with a design of what I think are stylized Daffodils with 4 matching tea napkins.

The elegant table cloth design features embroidered in cross stitch, lazy daisy stitch and french knots in a design of flowers like Daffodils spilling small blossoms on an off white color.

The colors of the embroidery are blue, green, black, yellow and pink.

The table cloth or tea cloth is of a heavy cotton in what I would call Aida cloth which is often used for cross stitch and embroidery, and measures 36 inches square.

The 4 matching napkins measure 11 inches square.

The tea cloth is in excellent condition with no holes, stains or repairs.

This is such a pretty design.