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Crocheted Potholders 4 Hand Made 1950s Flower Chevron Popcorn Stitch Variegated

artisan hand made

  • $ 1800

This is a set of 4 handmade hand crocheted potholders from the 1940-1950s.

The pot holders are crocheted of cotton crochet thread, like KnitCrosheen or a very thin guage yarn.

The first is an off white hexagonal with a bobble or popcorn stitch measuring 5.5 inches in diameter with some mild discoloration or pale staining. 

The next is a variegated double sided pentagon shape measuring 6.5 inches in diameter without the hanging loop. 

The next is a striped chevron or truncated triangle shape in red and cream. It is two sided with a different pattern each side that measures 7.5 inches.

Last is a green and white double sided flower form with 12 scallops that measures 6.5 inches in diameter.

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