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Crinoline Lady Tea Cloth Tablecloth England Embroidered Linen 30 Inch Bridge Tea Party 1940s

English vintage

  • $ 000

This is a Crinoline Lady patterned embroidered tea cloth or table cloth I brought back from England recently measuring nearly 31 inches square, actually 30 by 32, but that may be stretched from laundering.

The tablecloth is made of white linen, and has colored embroidery of the bonneted lady usually called Crinoline Lady or 18th century lady and embroidered flowers in each corner and dates to 1930-1940s. There is one pink dress and 3 red dresses on the ladies.

It is in very good ++ condition with no holes and 2 tiny stains that are pictured. Very pretty for your next tea party. Perfect tea party cloth.