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Calling Cards Visiting Cards 3 Gift Cards 1890s Victoriana Antique Ephemera Teatime Decor

American vintage

  • $ 1000

This is a set of 3 original antique Victorian or Edwardian era calling cards or visiting cards, Victorian ephemera.

They were given by ladies to introduce themselves and to leave when visiting a home or enclosed with a gift.

The cardstock cards have elegant professionally printed names of 3 ladies, all with the Roinson surname.

They are in very good used, antique condition with a bit of age wear.

Calling cards are very difficult to find now, and are a window on an elegant and gracious age past.

They can be used in all sorts of fill your own calling card basket, as a source of ideas for artwork and many other things.

type: calling cards, visiting cards, name cards, gift cards

date: 1880-1900

country: USA

size: most are 3 inches by 2 inches

material: paper, cardstock

color: cream/black