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Blue Striped Teacup Teapot Drip Catcher Resin Floral Drip Stopper Sponge Hook

Metropolitan Tea

  • $ 000

This is a new resin figural teapot drip catcher shaped like a teacup in a chintz floral striped pattern.  Tea pot spout drip catchers are designed to catch any drips from your teapot spout and stop any from getting on the tablecloth.

The teapot drip catcher fits across the teapot lid and has an elastic cord and sponge which fits beneath the spout and catches the drips and a metal hook which attaches to the handle and are decorated with the floral striped teacup fob.

The drip catcher is brand new and made by Metropolitan Tea Company, Canada.  Ingenious and practical as well as cute. They really do work and fit any size of pot from 1 cup to 8 cup.