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Birthday Greetings Postcard 1910 Sailboat Roses Poem Ephemera Greeting Card

American vintage

  • $ 600

This is an antique Birthday Greetings embossed postcard with a divided back used as a greeting card and not postally sent.

The postcard measures 5.3 inches high by 3.35 and was made by P. Sander, USA.

The greeting postcard is titled Birthday Greetings and has a vignette of a boat on a lake, roses and a poem.

The Birthday Greetings postcard is addressed in ink to Mr. Earl G. Phippen, Winthrop, NY, dated Dec. 25, 1910 and signed From your cousin E. A. P.

The postcard is in an archival acid free sleeve and is in good condition but has a corner tip missing.