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Beaded Tatted Lace Trim Antique Steel Cut Beads Tan Lace Dress Trim 1890s Mourning

English vintage

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This is a length of all hand made needlework tatted and beaded lace dress trim embellished with sequins and French cut steel beads in a tan or taupe color from England dating from 1890-1910, through the late Victorian to Edwardian age in a half mourning style.

The set is 1 long length measuring 64 inches long by 1 inch wide with an additional 12 1/5 inch length included.

The needlework lace is in beautiful condition but there are a few missing cut steel beads and sequins, and a few of the beads have rusted, which I am told can be cleaned.

They are in the original condition I received them with a love of Victorian and Edwardian clothing and accessories.

type: dress trim, tatted trim,tatted lace inset, needle lace trim,hand made trim, half mouring trim

date: 1890-1910

material: tatting thread, sequins, French cut steel beads

size: 64 inches long by 1 inch wide; additional 12 1/5 inch length included

style: Victorian, Edwardian, half mourning

color:  tan/silver/black