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Bath Roman Baths Horse Brass 1970s Souvenir Horse Medallion Jane Austen Country

England, antique

  • $ 2800

This souvenir horse brass depicts the Roman Baths in Bath, England in a laurel wreath measures 3.5 inches high by 3 inches in diameter.

This horse brass, horse medallion or souvenir brass was made in England in 1970s to commemorate the famous and historic Roman Baths the city of Bath was named for. Bath is associated with Jane Austen, although she reportedly dislikes the weather there. Having partaken of the waters at the Pump Room, I have to also agree with Miss Austen that they were most foul.

Horse brasses were developed in the 17th century to decorate and identify draft horses. Horse brasses are a popular collectible today.

In England they decorate the beams in pubs and hang by the fireplaces of homes, and are also used in the UK and the USA to decorate Christmas tress as fun ornaments.

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