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Aesthetic Movement Jug Pitcher English Mid Victorian Floral Hand Painted 1880s

Antique Staffordshire, England

  • $ 000

This is an antique Staffordshire, England hand painted water pitcher or jug that was made in 1870-1880s in the Aesthetic Movement style in the late victorian period. 

The original Victorian antique ironstone pitcher or jug measures 7.5 inches high by 8 inches long by 5 inches square and has a handle that looks like twigs that was originally accented with gold.

The pitcher has a unique squared shape and is in very good ++ condition with no chips, a 2 inch long old tight hairline in the neck as shown in the photo and most of the gold trim is gone.

Although no longer perfect, the jug is a decorative and usable piece of Victoriana.