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Tea Cozy Golden Brown Tapestry Padded US Foliage Fringe Tassel Tea Cosy

artisan hand made

  • $ 000

This is a new, US made padded thick tapestry tea cozy or tea cosy in a golden brown tapestry fabric with an almost tropical or Jacobean floral and foliage design, gold moire lining and golden brown upholstery fringe trim and silk tassel.

The thick tapestry tea cozy or tea cosy, which is new with tag,  is made to fit a large 4-6 cup teapot and measures 9.5 inches high and 12 inches wide by 3 inches thick.

The handmade teapot cover was handmade in the US by Brown Sugar Designs in California and is from the stock of the antique shop we closed to go exclusively online in 2003.

I just got to that part of the warehouse!

Tea cosies are made to keep the pot warm and this is new and perfect but was used occasionally in the shop for tea demonstrations so has a few tea stains inside on the lining.