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Edwardian Tea Tile English Glass Beads Teapot Trivet Mahogany Afternoon Tea 1890-1910

English vintage

  • $ 000

 This is a late Victorian era to Edwardian era original hand made beaded teapot stand or trivet made in England 1890-1910s.

The beaded trivet or teapot stand has blue, white and clear amber beads in a seaweed form that was a very popular motif of the late Victorian era usually referred to as the Aesthetic Movement of natural forms.

The hand made trivet or teapot stand measures 1.25 inches high by 12.5 inches long by 6.75 inches wide and is mounted in a wood frame with 4 bun feet that I believe is mahogany.

The beading, is in almost excellent condition with only 1 missing blue bead and 3 amber beads which is unusual, as few of these remain in this near perfect condition.

The Victorians made even the most utilitarian items to be beautiful, and this is a wonderful example.