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Queen Elizabeth II Coronation Tea Tin Chocolate Box 1953 Thornes Toffee Tin Royal Memorabilia

English vintage

  • $ 000

This is a vintage lithographed tin box commemorating the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II of England in 1953. The lidded box was made for Thorne's Chocolates and the quality is superb.

The design features one of my favorite approved photographs of Queen Elizabeth, with a yellow surround and the sides feature the Queen's cipher as well as Buckingham Palace and Westminster Abbey where she was crowned. 

The hinge lidded tin is 2.75 inches high by 5.5 inches square. The royal memorabilia set is in near excellent condition with no dents, the mildest tiny signs of use and one scuff line, not even a scratch through the paint, on the hair which looks more prominent than it is.

She has gold highlights on her hair, but there is a 1/2 inch long scuff or depression in the paint which looks grey. A lovely tin for an historic occasion that can be used for so many things. As a biscuit tin, tea tin, sewing box or to hold anything. From an English royal memorabilia collection we acquired recently. A great item of British Royal memorabilia and very decorative.