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Art Deco Streamlined Teapot Mottled Pottery England Kernow Brown Pottery 1930s Cornwall

Kernewelle Pottery, England

  • $ 4800

This art deco streamlined pottery teapot was made in the 1930-1940's.  

Although it has the brown glaze of a Brown Betty traditional English teapot, the mottled cream glaze gives it character and the shape lends the distinction of the deco age.

I'd call it the Cornish art deco version of the Brown Betty!

The moderne teapot measures 10 inches long by 6 inches high.  

The teapot has an impressed mark saying Kernewelle Pottery Cornwall, England under glaze that didn't photograph well.

This 4-6 cup teapot is in very good +++ used vintage condition, near mint with a tiny spout glaze chip.  Very unusual, stylish and a definite decor focus with style.

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