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Heart Shape Tea Diffuser Infuser With Chain And Tray New Tea Steeper Stainless Steel

Metropolitan Tea

  • $ 1200

This is a puffy heart shaped tea diffuser or infuser tea ball with chain, hook and tray. The love token heart shape tea ball is new.

The chrome plated tin tea ball is used to steep tea leaves and keep them from filling your cup as they steep.

This way you can control the strength of your tea on a cup to cup basis!

The tea heart  measures ball 2 inches high by 1.75 inches wide by .75 inch thick, the chain & hook is 3 inches long and the under tray to catch any drips is 2.5 inches in diameter.  

The heart shaped tea ball diffuser, infuser or tea strainer is new, made by C&H Tea and made in China and is therefore in excellent condition with no dents or problems and is so cute! Perfect for any tea time!

MPN: 1355

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