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Victorian Era Carving Kniferest Barbell Faceted Glass Large 1870-1890s Barbell

English vintage

  • $ 5800

This is a large English carving knife rest in a barbell shape with faceted ball dating to 1870-1890s.

The large cut glass knife rest with hand faceted bar and ball ends was made to hold a carving knife.

The knife rest or carving knife holder measures 4 inches long and is 1.75 inches in diameter at the end with a thick middle bar.

The knife rest has no cracks but does have tiny fleabite chips on the facets and bar edges from use. 
        Knife rests were an important part of a victorian table service and propped your dinner or carving knife up to keep it off the tablecloth. They are becoming a fashionable addition to dining and tea tables today again.

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