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English Edwardian Tea Caddy Locking Black Leather Box 1900 Jewel Case

English vintage

  • $ 8800

This is an Edwardian era leather tea caddy, jewelry box or jewel case from England dating 1900-1910.

The box measures 4 inches high by 9 inches long and is 5.75 inches wide.

The box is covered with black leather, which has quite a bit of vintage, honest wear and patina.

The box has metal fittings and lock escutcheon that were once silver plated, although it is basically all worn off. The key is not with the box.

The lining is padded with a green moire silk lining. The padded lining of the lid is pretty intact, but the lining in the base has separated with age in a line.

There is evidence the the box once has a wood divider, which is no longer there, which would indicate that the original use was as a tea caddy, but I have not had a leather tea caddy from this era.

Tea caddies are usually wood, but the same shape and dividers, so I am not sure. The divider would have housed 2 lidded tea caddies, or a tea caddy and glass bowl.

The base is of a material like Shagreen.

The box could be used for anything now...such a versatile size! Jewelry, love letters, postcards, keepsakes or so many other treasures. A treasure box indeed!

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