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Victorian Large Fiddle Dessert Spoons 5 Serving Spoons Levesley 1883 UK Mono Boat

Levesley Brothers, Sheffield

  • $ 6800

This is a set of 5 antique Victorian large silver plate dessert spoons, serving spoons or serving tablespoons made by Levesley Brother, Sheffield England with a classical fiddle design in the 1870-1883.

The large spoons measure 7.5 inches long and are electro silver plated with maker's marks and the British Registry Date symbol which I can't quite read for a pin point on the date, but which ceased to be used in 1883.

Each of the spoons has a script monogram on the finial of Boat. The spoons go from excellent to very good +++ condition with only minor plate loss where the back of the spoon rests and some use marks in the bowl on 2 of the spoons.

The monogram Boat may be a name, or a designation that these were used on someones yacht....

This pattern and age are difficult to find in multiples.

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