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Textured Gray Shoe Buttons 8 Taupe Grey Glove Buttons Edwardian Pin Shank 1900

English vintage

  • $ 1200

This is an antique set of 8 Victorian or Edwardian era grey, gray or taupe textured high button shoe buttons, gaiter buttons or glove buttons with metal pin shanks dating 1890-1910.

Each button is nearly 1/2 inch in diameter and have what is usually called a pin shank which are painted black. The top is an early plastic or celluloid, but too small to really test successfully, that have textured centers.

The buttons are in original, antique used condition, with great patina. 

The buttons are great for sewing, eyes, clothes, costumes and embellishments for all sorts of crafts, or your Victorian or button collection. Wonderful grouped in a bowl.

I have acquired a large collection of different colors and will be listing them.

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