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Daisy Kingdom Battenburg Lace Collar 1993 For Simplicity Pattern 8870 White Lace

American vintage

  • $ 1800

This is an unopened package from 1993 of a Daisy Kingdom, USA Battenburg lace collar or lace inset, manufacturer's part 4810W, Custom Designed for Simplicity Pattern #8879.

The 100% Cotton Battenburg Lace inset lace is approximately 14 inches long to the point as best as I can guess without opening the package, as the collar folds over at the top and is 9.5 inches wide.

We also have the same Battenburg lace collar available but without the cardboard header identifying the maker.

The lace collar can be used on any sort of garment. It is 100% Cotton and made in China and directions for use and care are given.

Perfect for a lovely dress for tea.

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