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Tea Party Tea Cloth Tablecloth Cross Stitch Embroidered Linen 36 Inch Bridge 1950s

American vintage

  • $ 1800

This is a charming cross stitch embroidered tea cloth or table cloth with a tea party theme that includes a teacup, kettle, sugar bowl and plate in variegated blue cross stitch with a variegated crochet edging that measures 36 inches square.

The hand made tablecloth is made of cotton, and has colored embroidery of lazy daisy and French knot flowers accenting the tea party items in each corner and dates to 1950s and is artisan made from the US.

The charming tea party tea cloth, which is I photographed on my round table, is in very good +++ condition with no holes, repairs or missing stitches.

Very pretty for your next tea party, card party or luncheon.

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