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Celluloid Vanity Items Set Of 4 Jewelry Box Hair Receiver Nail Tool Hairpin Box 1890s

English vintage

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This is a set of 4 original antique Victorian or Edwardian celluloid vanity or dresser items. The set includes:

1). Edwardian Celluloid Hair Receiver Victorian Vanity Holder Antique 1890-1910

Victorian or Edwardian celluloid vanity or dresser hair receiver with lid made in the USA from 1880-1910. The hair receiver measures 2.25 inches high by 4.5 in diameter and is a lovely ivory or pale butterscotch color with striping or graining

 2). Edwardian Celluloid DuPont Pyralin Lidded Vanity Box Dresser Victorian 1890-1910

This a celluloid vanity, dresser or jewelry box with hinged lid made by Dupont, USA from 1910-1920s. The box measures 1 inch high by 3.5 inches long by 2.75 inches wide and is marked Ivory Py-Ra-Lin marking it as a very early production of the Ivory Pyralin line by DuPont. The dresser or jewelry box is a lovely ivory or pale butterscotch color with striping or graining with a red velour lining and is in very good +++ condition with no cracks or dents. The box is the smallest of three sizes made and is pictured on page 111 of Celluloid: A Collector's Reference by Keith Lauer and Julie Robinson.

 3).  Celluloid Cylinder hairpin holder vanity dresser 1890s 

This is a cylinder perfume bottle holder or hairpin holder made of celluloid that measures 2.5 inches high by 1.75 inches in diameter that dates to 1890-1910. Makes a sweet vase as well… as long as water is not used, as that will destroy the celluloid.

 4). Antique Celluloid Cuticle Tool 2 Tone Embossed Fleur de Lis

2 tone celluloid cuticle tool with a steel blade and an embossed design in black. The celluloid manicure tool is a translucent toffee color on the bottom with the cream top with black lining and design that is embossed into the surface. I acquired the tool in England and it is unmarked. The tool measures 5 inches long and is .75 inch wide and was made 1900-1910. There are no major cracks but there is obvious signs of wear, and the tip may be bent. 

 The popularity of celluloid was that it could be the height of style for those unable to afford the more expensive actual ivory handled items.  These celluloid pieces add a touch of vintage style to bedroom, vanity, dresser or powder room.

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