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Sugar Shaker Muffineer Welsh Lady Googly Eyes 1930s Figural Sugar Caster

English vintage

  • $ 3800

This is a figural Welsh Lady Sugar Shaker sugar shaker, muffineer or sugar caster made by an unknown artist in England in the 1930-1940s with googly eyes.

The sugar shaker measures 6 inches high by 3.5 inches in diameter. The muffineer or sugar shaker is in very good ++ condition with no cracks, but  there a few minor bottom rim shipd and there is some minor wear to the hand painted title and one of her cheeks looks a bit worn.

The eyes are a googly as ever.  

Sugar shakers or muffineers were a victorian table item used to shake sugar on muffins...hence the name muffineer...pancakes or crumpets at the tea table.

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