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Hand Painted Art Deco Sugar Shaker Caster Radford 1930s Muffineer Caster

Radford's, England

  • $ 4800

This is an art deco hand painted sugar shaker, muffineer or sugar caster made in the 1930s by E. Radford (H J Wood) of Staffordshire, England.

 The art deco design is of black feathery leaves and red berries on white porcelain.

 The sugar shaker measures 6.5 inches high and has it's original stopper. The sugar caster is in excellent used vintage condition with no chips, cracks or wear. There is 1 1/2 inch grey line of paint out of place as shown...picky, aren't I?

 A wonderful and collectible piece of the art deco era. 

 Sugar shakers or muffineers were a victorian table item used to shake sugar on muffins, hence the name, pancakes or crumpets at the tea table.

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