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Antique Christmas Postcard Yuletide Wishes Snow Window Holly Oroville, CA 1923

American vintage

  • $ 600

This is an antique Christmas postcard titled Yuletide Wishes with a poem and a scene with snowy holly outside a window.

The divided back postcard is post marked for Dec. 22, 1923 Oroville, Calif and is addressed to Oroville as well.

The card manufacturer is not printed on the card but it does say Made In USA and Series 727B. Archival sleeve included.


original not reproduction

type: antique postcard, postcard greetings, holiday card, ephemera

date: 1923

country:  USA

part number: series 727B

date:  1923

size: approximately 3.5 inches by 5.5 inches

material: cardstock, archival envelope

occasion:  Christmas, holiday

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