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Blue Cloisonne Enamel Necklace Floral 2 Piece Barrel Unscrews Long Blue Silk Cord

China, vintage

  • $ 3800

This is a dark royal blue Chinese cloisonne enamel necklace consisting of a 28 inch braided royal blue silk cord and tassel and a floral blue cloisonne enamel pendant shaped like a barrel which unscrews into 2 pieces in the middle that has a blue enamel interior.

The necklace has a 28 inch blue silk cord and tassel and the 2 piece barrel pendant measures 1.25 inch high by .85 inch in diameter.

I'm not sure what you could use it for, is so decorative and dramatic. Neat!

The necklace is in excellent condition.

Very pretty. The necklace has a floral design on all sides, and a gorgeous royal blue.

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