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Figural Teapot Drip Catcher Rose England Porcelain White Gold Trim New

Royal Patrician

  • $ 1200

This is a gold tipped white porcelain rose teapot drip catcher that is designed to catch any drips from your teapot spout and stop any from getting on the tablecloth.

The teapot drip catcher is a porcelain rose with gold trim which fits on the lid, an elastic cord, a sponge which fits beneath the spout and catches the drips and a metal hook which attaches to the handle.

The drip catcher is brand new and was made by Heirloom, England who acquired the molds in 2011 from Royal Patrician who closed in 2009.  Ingenious and practical as well as cute. It really does work and fits any size of pot from 1 cup to 8 cup. These are no longer being made.

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