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Coronavirus update

We just wanted to let you know that during this current period of "cocooning" or social distancing due to the Corvid-19 virus, we are continuing to run the business.
We are continuing to list items and ship, although our usual 24 hour shipping window has had to be altered to 2-3.
We are setting up post office pick ups, but if that is not possible, our daily post office runs will decrease to once or twice a week until things improve.
As my husband has Parkinson's Disease and is a high risk for the virus, his health is my top priority.
Rest assured, we will ship as quickly as we can safely do so.
Also, with recent protests and changes to the USPSĀ operations, once we HAVE shipped and you have received your tracking numbers, the time for the package to get to you may be longer...
the new normal is... it isn't!